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What is Cosplay

Do you ever dream of seeing your dearest games come to life? Are you one of those passionate players who take pride in embodying the most iconic characters? Then you are just at the right place!


My.Cosplay is dedicated to cosplay themed around the My.Com gaming universe: here you can admire the craftsmanship of cosplayers from all over the world, get your inspiration and references for your favorite characters, see at which events you can meet us to show off your own masterpieces and take part in contests to win awesome prizes!

Erza is a 24 years-old Cosplayer from Munich, who has been cosplaying since 2010 and has been building incredible armors since 2013. She is cosplaying as Ianna from Skyforge during the Role Play Convention in Cologne in May 2017. She also started crafting a Cursed Armor, also from Skyforge! Photos by www.lm-fotodesign.de

Kakao is a very prolific cosplayer who likes to share the progress on her costumes with her fans. She is cosplaying as the Refinement Master from Revelation Online during the Role Play Convention in Cologne, 27-28 May 2017.

Are you also a talented cosplayer? Does the My.com gaming universe inspire you?

Send us your information by mail at cosplay@corp.my.com and become featured on our website and channels!

Don't forget to include links to your pages!

In Skyforge, you will walk the path from an immortal warrior to a mighty God, gaining followers as you fight to protect your world.

Whether it's classes or emblematic characters, find your references here!

Learn more about the game on sf.my.com

Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in the lively, fantasy open world of Nuanor.

New references are being added continuously: you don't see your favorite character? Come back soon!

Learn more about the game on ro.my.com.

Stay tuned for more games and more references very soon!

The Role Play Convention (RPC) is Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to role-playing games that takes place every year in Cologne.

The trade show RPC Roleplay Convention Cologne is Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to role-playing games.
More than 250 national and international exhibitors are here to represent the various branches of the genre, such as Fantasy, SciFi and Mystery. The show covers all areas from board games to LARP events and of course, video games. 
The gathering of all players, users and providers, clans and fishing groups is a great opportunity for the exchange at the Cologne Role Play Convention RPC.


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Meet us on the Lioncast booth: F-021 in hall 10.2. Come and show us your best costumes!